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About Me

Welcome To The Charlotte Learning Academy Band Program
I am Rico Solomon and I am excited to welcome you back to the Charlotte Learning Academy band program! This is my third year here at CLA and I have been teaching for twelve years. During my twelve years of teaching I have taught both high school and middle school in Georgia and North Carolina. My goal is to make the CLA band program into a top notch versatile program where constant learning and fun takes place. However I am an advocate for higher education so everything I do in my class is also geared towards the students becoming proficient on their instruments so they will have the necessary skills to audition for a band scholarship if they choose to do so. I am planning on taking our students on fun educational trips and bringing in guest speakers that will motivate and educate so prepare for a year of hard work with fun.



 I believe that as a teacher I have an obligation to prepare my students for their future. In the band room I will teach my students the necessary skills to audition for a band scholarship through musical performance and classroom instruction. I also believe in the use of character education and exposure in molding our students into the successful people that I know they can be.


Vision Statement


My vision is to have a superior band program that is versatile and achieves excellence in everything we do.


Mission Statement


My mission as director of the Charlotte Learning Academy Band program is to strengthen and maintain our new music program which will foster continual musical growth, multiple performance opportunities, and a love and appreciation for various styles of music.