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Academic Overview

Academic Overview 

At Charlotte Learning Academy, where success is the only option for our students, we operate with a culture of high expectations – for academics, for behavior, and for our students’ futures.  We know that college and other post-secondary opportunities are crucial for future success, so everything we do is to prepare our students for that next step.  Academic rigor will be the norm and discipline and accountability a part of daily life for our students. The educational focus of CLA is to offer a comprehensive academic program utilizing educational programs and teaching methods for which there is data available that indicates evidence of success. Among the concentrations and programs to be utilized are the following:

  • The Common Core Curriculum serves as the baseline of our academic program for English and Math;
  • NC Essential Standards is used for all other subject areas, including Science, Social Studies, Art, health and physical education and information and technology;
  • Core academic curriculum is enriched with a character education component;
  • Academic offerings include practical seminars that focus on supplemental reading and math skills, study skills, problem solving and test taking techniques;
  • Each student has a Personalized Education Plan (PEP) created based on their academic achievement data and needs;
  • Community service participation is a requirement for every grade level;
  • Students are immersed in a student-centered learning environment in which they are active participants in the learning process; and
  • CLA has small class sizes where student-centered learning will be most successful.

Charlotte Learning Academy creates a learning environment where the learning is student-centered, meaning we focus heavily on the needs of our students as individuals and mode teaching methods specifically designed to be the most effective for each particular student. All students at Charlotte Learning Academy are treated as gifted and will be provided a variety of learning opportunities that nurture each student’s individual strengths.