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Principal's Welcome Letter

Dear Friends of Charlotte Learning Academy,

 It is with pleasure that I will serve as the Principal for Charlotte Learning Academy (CLA). I would like to introduce myself and welcome you to the 2014-15 opening school year. I am looking forward to working in conjunction with students, parents, and community advocates to ensure that each of our students has the opportunity to maximize their middle and high school experience, both academically and socially.

CLA has a goal of ensuring that every student graduates prepared to succeed in post-secondary opportunities and in life, so we will work hard to accelerate student achievement and growth through the personalized education environment that we will provide. This involves a number of innovative teaching methods, including creating a Personal Education Plan for each student. We are dedicated to working longer school days and a longer school year than the traditional public schools in order to ensure that the students will master the skills and knowledge needed for college and beyond. Fundamentally, we believe that all children can reach high levels of achievement if we engage them in our student-centered environment by focusing on their individual strengths, providing them with comprehensive academic and social support, and immersing them in a culture of compassion and achievement. Our mission is to create a student-centered environment for students: an environment that will challenge them to maintain high levels of motivation and achievement through discipline, respect, perseverance, scholarship, and excellence.

While academics are our top priority, we also believe it is vitally important that our students are able to grow socially by having positive interactions with peers and adults. Students at CLA will be encouraged to embrace honesty, integrity, hard work, respect for all and community service as keys to success. In addition to the student-centered academic environment that we will provide, CLA will also provide a character development and community service focus to foster behavior management and personal growth in each student.

CLA will operate as a family because we are large enough to provide a challenging curriculum yet small enough to pay attention to the needs of every child. We know that each child is different and each child deserves success. We believe that every learner is unique and we will strive to accommodate and inspire the special interests, talents, and strengths in each of our students through the delivery of an innovative, differentiated, and rigorous educational program.

We are committed to ensuring that all children reach their potential and that we are providing students, parents, and community advocates with a warm, welcoming environment where students have the opportunity to experience success in a school culture that inspires dreams, builds compassion, and opens minds!

Stacey Rose