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  • Dear Dancers and Movers,

It is with great enthusiasm that I write you to express my deepest excitement in your participation in dance class. I understand that my sentiments may not be reciprocated and that many of you are contemplating why such a torturous subject was given unto you. I assure you that it is no work of the supernatural that you are here. It is not the intent of this class to administer cruel and unusual punishment, but rather to expose you to the many wonders of the world. It will be of no monetary cost to you. I only ask that you donate your time, your open mind, and your courageous selves to the cultural study of dance.


The question of the purpose of dance and its potential role in your future lives is a legitimate one. Iā€™m glad that your minds are already considering the future applications of your high school education. I will not protest the limited perspective you may have on the weight that dance will serve in your life. However, I challenge you to consider whether dance will make you less of a person? Will studying dance take away a part of you that you cannot regain?

The benefits of dance only outweigh the disadvantages. I assure you, all that you put into this course will be everything you get out of it in return.


Dance is an enrichment of world and of the body. It serves as a vessel to discover connections with ourselves and others. You will use the movement vocabulary of these dance genres to create nonverbal communications. If anything, else, you will become a more well-rounded person of the community, the world, and of self. I can only hope that the lingering affects of dance shall find their way into your future adult conversations, travels, memories. Dance class will be the place of tolerance and acceptance because middle and high school are already hard enough.


I thank you for your current and future contributions,

Ms. Critt
 "...give them something great to imitate..."


Recent Posts

Unit 2 Retest Resources

Your Unit 2 retest will be on Tuesday, 01.15.19. Please, use the following links to study for your exam via a Jeopardy game. There are options to play as flash cards if you'd like. 
Ballet Re-test-
Email me at: for any questions.

Dance Concert Update

Greetings Dancers and Family,
Due to many factors, the 2019 Winter Dance Concert date has changed to this Monday, 12.17.18, during the 6th block of the day. 
For my parents who RSVP, I apologize if this change comes as an inconvenience. 
Students need to bring their assigned costume pieces Monday for a test grade! Accessories will be provided! 
All classes will be recorded for a separate test grade. Any absences not cleared with the principal, Mrs. Rose, will not be excused for a makeup. 
Thank you for your flexibility,

Color Guard Uniforms and Practice

Greetings Pridettes,
Your color guard uniforms have been shipped and will be here as soon as they can. They will be delivered to the school within 2 weeks. 
We will return to our regular rehearsal schedule of every Wednesday from 3:00-4:30. 
Behavior sheets will be required and due by next week December 5th. 

BI-WEEK: Week 15

Greetings Dancers and Family,
This is a bi-week for dance. Meaning there is no homework for this week. Due to the holiday break, there is no late work being accepted for last week's homework assignment. Grades are due by Friday for teachers. Please, email me at: for an update on any absent work to be made up. Only classwork or absent work can be made up for credit by Wednesday, November 28th.


Greetings CLA dancers,
Sorry I haven't updated. The school WIFI was out all last week. However, just a quick reminder that we are dancing EVERYDAY!! 
Please, bring your dance attire everyday unless told to do otherwise. Lets get these routines done in preparation for our Winter concert, 12.18.18.


Greetings Dancers,
Please, remember that this is a bi-week and there will be no homework due this week. However, late assignments can be submitted for a late grade no later than this Wednesday. 
Remember, to bring dance clothes Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!
Leotard orders are slowly coming in. So, 9th grade girls need to order if you haven't already.

Dress-Out and Dance Practicum

Greetings dancers,
Tomorrow marks the 1st day of dancing! Your assigned dance attire will be required Wednesday through Friday for the month of October.
Please, see me with any issues.

Dear Dancers,
Another extra credit off-campus opportunity is coming up this Saturday! UNC Charlotte is hosting their annual International Festival on campus at the Halton Arena. This is worth 20 points of extra credit towards your overall grade.
This event is FREE with vendors, tables, and plenty of food. You must bring money for food.
Students must obtain a passport booklet from inside the arena and have it stamped at all the tables you visit. Bring this back Monday as proof of your participation.
Dance presentations are at 12:00 and 3:30 inside the basketball arena.
Have a great weekend,