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Mr. McLaughlin's Class

Mr. McLaughlin is a recent transplant to the Charlotte area from the deserts of New Mexico. Having grown up in the southwest, he hopes to bring some of that culture to his classroom to help the students see the world from a new angle.


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Assignment 10/17

On a sheet of paper, write at least one poem in the style of the Romantics.

  • Focus on emotion rather than thought
  • Draw inspiration from nature or your relationships
  • Play with poetic forms
  • Use and label at least 3 instances of figurative language
  • Play with poetic forms

In-class participation is mandatory.

For bonus points, you may write an extra one. Due Friday 10/19.

Assignment 10/16

Due Wed. 10/17
On loose leaf paper, write 2 examples of each of the 6 types of conflict in fiction.
To get full points you will need 12 total examples.

Theme Paper

If typed: 2 pages, double-spaced
If handwritten: 500 words neatly written
The paper should be about one story and include at least one theme from that story including specific evidence of how that theme is present. 

Autobiography Paper

If typed: 2 pages, double-spaced
If handwritten: 500 words, neatly written
Must contain autobiographical information. This can include but is not limited to, a story of an important event in your life, the general story of your life, your future goals.